Next Step Program

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Program Overview

The Next Step Program offers YLI students and former students support services that are a crucial part of workplace and career success.

Each service is adapted to the individual client’s goal and may include referrals and assistance with finding job openings, writing resumes, effective interview techniques, applying to continuous education, finding resources to pay for tuition, fees, and other expenses in pursing skills develop or job training.

Program Goals

  • Individual assistance for developing a career pathway
  • Referrals and information for employment, continuing education, vocational education, or a high school diploma
  • Networking with participating businesses for employment
  • Job Readiness Training including soft skills such as: interviewing, work ethics and résumés
  • Motivational and informative career talks with community leaders
  • Financial Aid Resource Information

How to Get Started

The program is offered to former students who have “graduated” from YLI, current students who are leaving the program and ready for the “next step”, as well as current students.

New Students Must Be Referred to the Program

Students may be referred to the Next Step Program through their class instructor, tutor or coordinator, career pathways; or they may call and make an appointment.

Class Offerings

Career Exploration

YLI’s Next Step Coordinator offers workshops to help students explore their career interests and what is needed for education/training as well as potential salaries and job opportunities. Additional presentations like “Interviewing Effectively”, “Resume Writing”, and other career-oriented workshops are provided for YLI students.

Career Pathways

Next Step Program partners with schools and training providers to deliver “Foundations for Success” which focuses on study skills, conflict resolution, time management, communication and organizational skills, and business etiquette needed to be successful in high education and the workplace.

Classroom Presentations

To complement our core programs, YLI hosts presentations that facilitate health, workplace, and financial literacies in the classroom. Past presentations have included Credit Reports and Score, A Balanced Budget, Nutrition, Resume Writing, and the “What’s Out There for Me” series which welcomes community and business leaders to educate our students about specific career fields.

Digital Learning Center

Offering educational software and online educational programs allow students to enhance the classroom and tutoring sessions. The Digital Learning Center is open during normal business hours. Students must make an appointment with their coordinator for their first visit to the Digital Learning Center.

Digital Literacy Instruction

Focuses on the important skills that learners need to successfully utilize digital devices. Instruction in basic computer and digital literacy skills are provided in three ways: workshops, in-class presentations and lab hours.

Meet Rosenni: A YLI Student

Her Background

“I’m originally from the Philippines. I’ve traveled to Taiwan, Qatar, Hong Kong, and Canada as a nanny for about 15 years. As a newcomer to the States in 2021, I wanted to upgrade my life from nannying jobs to healthcare jobs. It is hard to work overseas because you’re away from your family, friends, and relatives. There are also cases where an employer will treat you unkindly verbally, emotionally, and mentally. But for the sake of my family and my goals, I held on tight and just kept praying to God for more patience and more courage in life.”

Her YLI Experience

“My childhood was not silver and gold. I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers. Growing up in poverty with no electricity and scare food, I became ambitious and courageous. I always pray to God and believe that kindness will lead you to success. Despite hardships, failures, and sad tears, I kept pushing myself to get in the place I want. There is a saying, “No pain, no glory.” The same thing applies during the time when I was taking my HiSET classes. I juggled my time from working early in the morning then heading to HiSET classes after my shift. It was hard because I also have my own family to tend to.”

“In addition to taking High School Equivalency and Math classes at YLI, I received my High School Equivalency Diploma. I’m now working with YLI to reach new career goals through the Next Steps program.”