Adult Reading Program

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Program Overview

The Adult Reading program is free to attend and assists English-speaking adults (18 yrs and older) with improving their reading, writing, spelling, math, computer, and study skills.

Students may be placed in an appropriate level classroom and/or matched with a trained tutor for weekly one-to-one or small group tutoring sessions.

Student’s Professional & Personal Literacy Goals:

  • Achieve a high school equivalency diploma
  • Enter post-secondary education or a professional training program
  • Obtain employment or prepare for job advancement
  • Prepare for the written driver’s license exam
  • Develop basic computer skills
  • Improve reading or math skills
  • Read to and help their children with schoolwork

How to Get Started

New clients interested in the Adult Reading Program must call the office at 717-845-8719 to make an appointment with the Adult Reading Department and complete both the Student Intake Form & the Adult Reading Goal Sheet.

New Students Must Fill Out (2) Forms

Class Offerings

Adult Learners Class

The Adult Learners Class (Level 1-3) is based on Reading Horizon’s Discovering Intensive Phonics, a remedial reading program that incorporates the multi-sensory approach in its curriculum. Students attend weekly classes. 

High School Preparation I & II Classes

Instructors prepare students to succeed in taking the HISET® or GED® exams through in-person or Zoom classes to earn their High School Equivalency diploma.  In addition to attending classes, independent study through Aztec is offered.

Math Class

Multi-level math classes focus on the numeracy skills needed to pass the High School Equivalency exams, enter higher education or training programs and for employment opportunities.

Classroom Presentations

York Literacy Institute presentations facilitate health, workplace and financial literacies. Presentations include Credit Reports and Scores, A Balanced Budget, and Nutrition.  Workplace presentations are offered by members of the community who have expertise in areas of employment such as: manufacturing, robotics, health care, construction and service industries. These extra presentations help advance the knowledge and skills necessary to gain employment, access health and wellness information, and achieve self-sufficiency. 

One-to-One Tutoring

Students may request a trained tutor for one-to-one tutoring. A student may be placed in a small group tutoring session.


York Literacy Institute is a HISET® High School Equivalency (paper-based) test site in York County. To register for testing or more information about HISET® visit

Meet Natasha: A YLI Graduate

Her Background

“I have overcome many challenges in my life. I wanted to improve my life for me and my children, so I enrolled with YLI to earn my High School Equivalency Diploma.

Over the years, I’ve faced ups and downs with family, health issues, and the loss of my father last year. But I never gave up on my goal. Through the road was rock, I persevered. I can hardly believe how far I’ve come! I started work on my High School Equivalency goal several years ago and finally reached my goal in September 2023.”

Her YLI Experience

“I’m grateful to my tutor, Alexis Stegemann, for sticking with me to the end. The YLI staff I’ve met over the years are all wonderful people. If I could travel back in time and speak to my younger self, I’d tell her she has an incredible fighting spirit. I’d also say she’ll succeed and should take pride in the person she is and what she stands for today.”

“For anyone out there working toward their diploma, give yourself grace, take your time and don’t let naysayers sway your life decisions. You determine your destiny!”